Henrik Fisker is a Danish born car designer who worked for Ford, BMW and Porsche among others before opening his own high end design studio developing low volume super cars.  He was best known to people in Canada and the US as the designer of the BMW Z8 roadster and to Europeans for the Aston Martin DB9 and Vantage.  In 2007 he was hired by Tesla to do the original design work for the Model S.  By 2008 he was showing the $200,000 Plug In Hybrid Fisker Karma which failed after selling just 2000 units many with serious technical problems; there were recalls and lawsuits.

Here is our two minute biography brief bio of Henrik Fisker:

Today he is focused on his new venture which he calls the world’s first virtual car company, Fisker Inc.  The idea is that Fisker is a design and engineering house the will leave the manufacturing to companies like VW and automotive parts giant Magna.  He frequently says things like “Why would we engineer a AC unit when VW makes the best in the business”.

Late in 2017 Fisker made claims about having solved the solid state battery but has yet to produce any for even peer review.

While it is an unfair comparison when we think of Fisker, we think of John DeLorean.  Driven, smart, stylish, famous and definitely a promoter.

So if Fisker has such a checkered past, how can he make the top 10 list, well, Henrik Fisker might actually have something real this time and he is shaking up the industry.  Most hugely successful people have had notable failures in their past.  In 2020 alone:

  • Fisker started taking $250 deposits on pre-orders for his attractive and well reviewed Fisker Ocean SUV to be delivered in 2023
  • has gone public through a high profile SPAC merger
  • has signed serious manufacturing deals with Canada’s Magna, to produce the Ocean in their German Magna-Steyr plant
  • developed an innovating month to month lease program so all vehicles can be returned without question
  • has been all over the business and automotive press

Henrik Fisker is a smart and relentless promoter who just might get it right this time.

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Lard Forgot · December 25, 2021 at 7:26 am

It was great to learn about Henrik Fisker. Thanks

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