Jay Van Sciver, from Hedgeye Risk Management, points out that Volkswagens ownership of Porsche stock exceeds the value of Volkswagen. in other words unless you think Volkswagen is worth less than $0, Or that poor stock is massively overvalued, now is a pretty good time to buy VW stock.

0:00 Volkswagen Stock
0:17 VW’s Porsche Stock Is Worth More than VW
0:44 Why Investors Do Not Like VW
1:20 VW Dividends

Is it a good time to buy Volkswagen stock? Personally, I am not a fan of Volkswagen products but the company is an automotive juggernaut.

A year ago many in the automotive industry thought that Volkswagen might be able to take electric vehicle sales title from Tesla in the coming years. Clearly that is not going to happen, and BYD has already taken Tesla’s sales title.

But my opinion of Volkswagen automobiles, especially their electric vehicles, combined with the fact that Volkswagen is very unlikely to supplant Tesla, doesn’t mean that Volkswagen is not a great investment.

Personally, I am not buying Volkswagen stock but it is interesting to consider Volkswagen stock at this time.


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