This is a complete step by step instruction tutorial of how to set up Ford Sync 4 and 4A.

If you just care about a particular setting or feature, look at the list below the video so you can skip to the time that’s relevant for your question.

0:00 Introduction
0:33 Whats the difference between Ford Sync 4 and Sync 4A
1:14 How To Create a Ford Account
2:00 Do You Need A Ford Account
2:38 How To Factory Reset Ford Sync
3:50 How To Reset Ford Pass Mobile App
4:14 Install Ford Pass Sync App on Mobile Phone
4:40 What can you do with Ford Pass App
4:54 How To Setup Phone As Key
5:45 How To Setup Blue Tooth Audio on Ford Sync
6:36 Enable Apple Car Play or Android Auto on Ford Sync 4
7:03 How To Stream Audio From Mobile Phone to Ford Sync
7:48 Ford Sync Setting
7:54 Difference between Whisper and Unbridled Mode
8:07 What is One Peddle Driving & How To Disable It
8:24 Enable / Disable Auto Hold Brake
8:42 How To Open Frunk and Truck From Screen
8:50 Audio Configuration
8:57 How To Set Audio to Compensate For Road Noise
9:03 Driver Assistance Settings
9:10 Enable / Disable Adaptive Cruise Control
9:19 Read Speed Limit Signs
9:50 Enable / Disable Lane Keeping Senstivity
10:04 Collission Avoidance
10:12 Telsa Ghost Braking
10:51 What is Cross Traffic
11:00 How Does Ford Monitor Driver
11:12 Set Ford To Power Off Automatically
11:18 Enable / Disable Rear Occupant Alert
11:23 Enable / Disable Seat Sliding Back When Getting in / out Easy Exit
11:44 Enable / Disable Turn Sensors Off Alert
11:54 Enable / Disable Remote Start
12:13 Enable / Disable Remote Open / Close Windows with Key Fob
12:38 Enable / Disable Extra Wiper Swipe
12:50 Enable / Disable Rain Sensing Wipers
13:02 Enable / Disable Power Lift Gate Switch
13:11 Enable / Disable Automatic High Beams
13:20 Enable / Disable Welcome Lighting on Outside of Vehicle
13:33 Enable / Disable Automatic Locking
14:12 Enable / Disable Autofold Mirros
14:19 Set Door Keypad Code
14:54 Enable / Disable Start Vehicle with Code
15:10 Enable / Disable Brake Coach
15:20 Set Low Battery Alert
15:34 Allow Vehicle to be towed in Neutral
15:43 Set Language and Metric / Imperial
15:55 Enable / Disable Touchscreen Beep
15:58 What Version of Ford Sync Build Number
16:02 How To Give Ford Feedback
16:17 Enable / Disable Dark Mode
16:38 Set Ambient Lighting Colors and Brightness
17:01 Connectivity Features
17:10 Enable / Disable Ford Tracking
17:40 Enable / Disable Upload Names To Ford
18:04 How to Name Your Vehicle
18:20 Setup WiFi on Ford Sync
18:40 Enable / Disable Setup Hotspot In Car
19:57 Enable / Disable Automatic Updates
20:18 Ford Assist Voice Commands
21:33 Setup Ford Alexa
21:33 Enable / Disable Valet Mode Code
21:38 Setup Profile For Seat, Radio Favorites
24:43 How To Force a Reboot
25:20 Set Maximum Charge Capacity
27:05 Outro

We explain virtually every setting in Ford Sync 4 which is on the Mustang Mach e, F150 Lightning and e-Connect Van. From how to reboot, to completely factory reset, to disabling the information Ford collects to, setting up Amazon Alexa, to remote start, to automatic high beams, tp automatic update, we explain and demonstrate it all.

We also explained why a Ford account isn’t necessary but almost certainly preferred as well as what the difference is between Ford Sync 5 and Ford Sync 4A, and how to name your vehicle.


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