Is Rivian partnering with Apple?

In this clip of a Bloomberg interview with Tom Narayan, who is the Lead Global Autos Equity Analyst for RBC Capital Markets, he discusses how Rivian may end up partnering with Apple, VW, Jeep or even GM.

0:00 Is Apple partnering with Rivian?
0:33 Will VW Scout Partner with Rivian?
1:16 Why Apple may not partner with Rivian
1:51 Rivian Stock News
3:13 Why Rivian Is Burning So Much Cash
4:05 How Rivian is Reducing R2 Costs
4:30 Is Rivian Going to Run Out of Cash

He then goes on to say he is not surprised that Rivians stock guidance for deliveries remains unchanged at 57,000 vehicles for 2024.


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