Famously negative on Tesla, Gordon Johnson from GLJ Research explains what’s wrong with Tesla and why it’s uninvestable.

In a nutshell, Gordon Johnson says that Tesla is just a car company that is now burning cash and has a leader that can’t be trusted in Elon Musk. Tesla is not just between growth waves like Elon Musk claims, the Tesla Cybertruck and the Model 3 Highland refresh failed to rejuvenate Tesla sales.

0:00 Telsa Is Just A Car Company
0:18 Telsa’s Free Cash Flow Is Negative
0:32 Elon Musk Can’t Be Trusted
0:40 Can a $25,000 EV Be Profitable
1:01 Tesla is Burning Cash
1:33 Tesla is Between Growth Waves
1:40 Tesla is Confused
2:15 Cybertuck Failed To Revolutionaize Tesla
2:35 Model 3 Highland Refresh Failed To Help Tesla Sales
3:00 Tesla Cuts Growth Guidance


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