Ross Gerber, founder of Private Equity firm “Gerber Kawasaki”, has been among the loudest, most positive Tesla Bulls but has now changed his investment thesis:

0:00 Introduction
0:12 Change to Tesla Stock Thesis
0:43 Tesla $25000 car update
1:18 Tesla Robotaxi economics
2:00 Problems with the robotaxis business
2:38 Tesla investors want results not plans
3:32 Cost of Robotaxis will drop dramatically in the coming years
3:55 Why sell Tesla Stock
4:12 How to Value Tesla Stock
4:34 The Musk Discount to Tesla Stock
5:18 Elon Musk attacks on consumers and regulators affects sales and stock valuation
6:00 Tesla’s Failed Management Structure
6:27 Tesla’s culture problem

This interview with Bloomberg explains that Ross Gerber has been selling Tesla stock because he just doesn’t trust Elon Musk to actually produce the Tesla model 2 $25,000 electric vehicle in the next year or two, and Musks frequent public rants annoy consumers, regulators and staff.

He also asks if robotaxis even make sense if you can get around the substantial regulatory and cultural problems with them?


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