If you are wondering how some people value Tesla hundreds of billions of dollars higher than other intelligent people do, this is the video for you.

This video examines how one institutional investment agency (Tom Narayank, Lead Autos Analyst at RBC Capital Markets), rationally comes to their stock valuation.

  • How much is Tesla’s energy storage business worth?
  • What is the driver of Tesla’s profit growth in the coming years?
  • How much is Teslas electric vehicle business worth?
  • How much is Teslas solar business worth?
  • How much is Tesla’s full self driving intellectual property worth?
  • How much is Tesla’s NACS charging standard worth to Tesla stock price?
  • How much is autonomous driving worth to Tesla’s stock?
  • When will the next big Tesla product get released that affects the stock price?
  • How much is Tesla’s (IP) intellectual property worth?

These are all questions this short video examines.

0:00 Tesla’s Battery Business Will Drive Growth In The Next Year or Two
0:25 How Much Is Each Part of Tesla’s Business’ Worth
0:45 Why Telsa is Worth $1 Trillion Dollars
1:00 Robotaxies Will Take Until 2040 to have True Level 4 Autonomy
1:25 Robotaxies and Autonomous Vehicles Worth Far More Than Just Driving
2:25 The Math – Robotaxies vs Self Driving vs Subscriptions To Autonomous Vehicles
2:55 P/E Multiples
3:21 Will EV Charging Make Telsa Money
3:55 Tesla and China Problems
4:29 When Will Tesla Release The Model 2 $25,000 EV
4:50 Outro

We recently put up a video of the Tesla Stock Bear case from Gordon Johnson which really seem to be full of misleading statements and personal opinions rather than facts. This video looks at how much Tesla stock is really worth by someone with a rational large investment business that is not in a position to gain from his opinion.


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