Have you ever wondered who is the biggest most successful auto manufacturer in the world or what region of the world makes the most cars?

We regularly hear about Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Stellantis, Hyundai and Tesla fighting it out for automotive supremacy but then we hear of companies like Geely, BYD, Subaru and Renault but don’t really know where they fit into the global automotive market.

We also hear that South Korea, India and China have had massive increases in their automotive manufacturing capacities, but don’t really understand where they are relative to Europe, Japan, and the United States.

The simple graphs and tables below clarify all of these points and give you an easy way to understand the global automotive market in the mid-2020’s

Here are the raw statistics if you prefer your numbers in a table format

Top 20 Automotive Manufactures By Unit Sales in 2023

RankCompanyCountry Unit Sales
1ToyotaJapan              10,307,395
2Volkswagen GroupEurope                9,239,575
3Hyundai Kia GroupSouth Korea                7,302,451
4StellantisEurope                6,392,600
5General MotorsUnited States                6,188,476
6TataIndia                5,380,000
7SAICChina                5,020,000
8Ford United States                4,413,545
9HondaJapan                4,188,039
10NissanJapan                3,374,271
11BYDChina                3,024,000
12BMWEurope                2,555,341
13ChanganChina                2,553,052
14MercedesEurope                2,493,177
15RenaultEurope                2,235,345
16Maruti SuzukiIndia                2,066,219
17TeslaUnited States                1,808,581
18GeelyChina                1,686,516
19SubaruJapan                    852,000
20Li AutoChina                    376,030

Total Auto Sales By Country in 2023

RankCountryUnit Sales For 2023
          1 Europe                    22,916,038
          2 Japan                    18,721,705
          3 China                    12,659,598
          4 United States                    12,410,602
          5 India                      7,446,219
          6 South Korea                      7,302,451
Total Vehicle Production
From the Top 20 Vehicle OEMs

Top 20 Car Manufacturers by Sales in 2023

Figures in billions of USD $
Subject to Currency Exchange Rate Fluctions

Total Auto Sales Value in 2023

RankCompanyCountry 2023 Sales in Billion of USD$
1Volkswagen GroupGermany$299.50
2ToyotaJapan $278.70
3StellantisNetherlands $92.60
4Mercedes-BenzGermany $160.90
5Ford MotorUnited States $158.10
6General MotorsUnited States $156.70
7BMW GroupGermany $153.00
8HondaJapan $136.50
9HyundaiSouth Korea $114.00
10SAIC GroupChina $107.90
11FAW GroupChina $102.30
12DongfengChina $86.10
13TeslaUnited States $81.50
14NissanJapan $79.50
15GAC GroupChina $74.60
16KiaSouth Korea $69.20
17RenaultFrance $49.80
18BYD AutoChina $47.10
19Tata MotorsIndia $41.90
20SuzukiJapan $31.20


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