Apple devices have become a part of almost everyone’s life. They offer endless entertainment and productivity possibilities, so they are a popular choice. Yet, how does one tap into its limitless potential? YouTube is the solution. It has become a treasure trove of knowledge. Creators from all over the world share their innovative tricks. They also discuss time-saving tips about Apple devices.

Hence, this article aims to address these YouTube channels. You will find a detailed discussion of each channel, what it is best known for, and the tips you will extract. Explore lesser-known features and uncover hidden shortcuts through this article. Discover the vibrant community of art and complex concepts simplified for everyone.

The Best Apple Life Hacks to Learn

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Let us highlight Apple’s insights before diving deeper into the specific channels. YouTube channels will teach you many secrets that will boost your productivity. They have been synonymous with innovation and technology. One of the confusing concepts is force quit keys, which you can explore through YouTube channels. Learning how to do so allows you to resolve app-related issues quickly. Through this technique, you will eliminate the risk of running into app crashes. Moreover, forcing the quit keys will fix the problem of screen freezing.

There are various other life hacks you should consider exploring. For example, using keyboard shortcuts will immediately allow you to regain control. Moreover, it restores your device’s performance. It does so by allowing you to customize shortcuts to ease your performance. You can also automate various tasks through the use of Siri. Another feature you can optimize is Apple Notes and Reminders. Harnessing these apps’ power allows you to effectively manage your time and set smart lists.

Best Channel for Apple DIY Projects and Reviews: iJustine

iJustine, also known as Justine Ezarik, is a well-known technology vlogger. Her focus falls on Apple devices. The channel she features includes informative tutorials, unboxing videos, and product reviews. Hence, you have the chance to explore a wide range of different features. iJustine’s engaging and vibrant personality makes her videos incredibly enjoyable.

Best Channel for Apple Rumor and News: MacRumors

MacRumors is not as popular as other channels but provides invaluable insights. It is famous for Apple News, rumors, and tutorials. The YouTube channel offers in-depth guides, helpful tips, and troubleshooting advice. MacRumors often covers the latest Apple announcements, product reviews, and comparison guides.

Best Channel for Apple Recommendations: Snazzy Labs

We all know the importance of user reviews. A survey even states that 73% of people purchased a product after watching a review video. That is where Snazzy Labs shines. The channel explores innovative ways to get the most out of your Apple devices. Moreover, it dives into step-by-step methods that help you modify your Apple devices.

Best Channel for Authentic Apple News: AppleInsider

AppleInsider is a reputable source for Apple-related news, tutorials, and analysis. The YouTube channel covers device reviews and hidden features you can explore. This might be your channel if you want to learn how to troubleshoot issues.

Best Channel for Unique Apple Hacks: EverythingApplePro

EverythingApplePro is known for its exciting and entertaining videos. It often showcases Apple hacks, jailbreak videos, and hidden features to explore. The channel focuses on advanced tips that beginners might find challenging. Moreover, it covers product comparisons, drop tests, and rumors surrounding new Apple releases.

Best Channel for How-to Videos: MacMost

If you want to learn basic operations on your Apple device, check MacMost. It offers easy-to-follow tutorials for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. MacMost’s tutorials are beginner-friendly, focusing on helping viewers. It dives into understanding and utilizing the features and capabilities of Apple devices.

Best Channel for App Recommendations: TheUnlockr

TheUnlockr offers various topics of discussion. They are all related to technology, including Apple lifehacks. Hence, the channel aims to provide the best tutorials and applications for viewers. It helps you optimize your Apple devices for enhanced personalization and productivity.

Best Channel for Troubleshooting: Payette Forward

Payette Forward focuses on tips, tricks, and troubleshooting issues. Its particular focus falls on iPhones and iPads. The channel addresses common problems you might encounter. It highlights hidden features, performance issues, and general tips to get the most out of iOS.

Best Channel for Apple’s History: Apple Explained

This is potentially one of the most popular Apple YouTube channels. Apple Explained focuses on demystifying various aspects of Apple products. Moreover, the channel often discusses the history of Apple. Hence, it explains complex concepts. It also provides a detailed breakdown of features and technologies. The channel also provides a deeper understanding. This allows you to appreciate your Apple products more.


Finally, Apple lifehacks can completely transform your digital experience. These productivity and efficiency techniques range from force quitting to keyboard shortcuts. You can optimize processes, regain time, and unleash the actual power of your Apple. Accept these techniques, discover new possibilities, and begin on a digital empowerment path. Allow Apple lifehacks to change how you interact with your g

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