If you want to know what is happening with Nuclear energy in the next few years, this is the video for you.

This interview with Christine Todd Whitman, EPA Administrator explores many perceived problems with nuclear power generation. There is a discussion about how nuclear is the only truly green base load power solution we have today.

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Nuclear Power as a Transition Energy From Fosil Fuels to Renewables 0:28
  • Why are Renewable Energy Solar Wind Peak Shaving 0:33
  • Is Nuclear Power Really Green Energy? 0:45
  • Nuclear Power Safety Record Chernobyl Fukushima 0:53
  • Will More Nuclear Power Plants Get Built in the United States 1:19
  • How Much Electricity Is Produced By Nuclear In the United States 1:44
  • What Happened To the San Onofre Nuclear Plant in California 1:55
  • What is a Small Modular Reactor SMR? 2:39
  • Outro 3:18

She explains that Solar and Wind power are currently Peak Shaving solutions and do not help base load power. Then she explains what is an SMR Small Modular Reactor and where can a a Small Modular Reactor be used. She also explains that when California shut down its San Onofre nuclear power plant, emissions rose along with electricity prices.


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