Well, what can we say about Elon Musk that you don’t already know.  South African born serial entrepreneur that made his first hundred million with PayPal ($165 million to be exact).

Here is our two minute biography brief bio of Elon Musk:

There are a few things:

  1. Musk only owns 21% of Tesla shares
  2. His mother is Canadian born and maintained her Canadian citizenship while living in South Africa
  3. After moving to Canada in 1989 he lived in a Montreal Youth Hostel before moving to Saskatchewan doing odd jobs.
  4. By 1990 Musk had move to Kingston Ontario Canada and spent two years a Queens University before transferring to Pennsylvania where he finally graduated in 1997 with degree in economics and physics.
  5. His most interesting company that few have heard about is NeuraLink which developed a tiny inexpensive sensor that can be physically implanted in a persons brain by an automated system of drills and sensor.  The idea is to build a human to machine interface.
  6. Early in is career he worked on the mythological unicorn of the EV industry, ultracapacitors as batteries.
  7. By 1995 he was working on his energy physics and materials science PH.D at Stanford but only lasted two days before dropping out to start an internet city guide named ZIP2 which he sold to what is now Hewlett Packard for $300 million in 1999
  8. He founded Space X a year BEFORE Tesla, way back in May of 2002

It is undeniably that Musks early abilities to ignore convention and develop novel solutions to serious technical blocks has made him the single most important person in electric vehicles today.  In January 2021 he became the richest man in world based almost completely on the value of his Tesla shares.

Brash and cocky, certainly.  But he is undeniably the king of all the things he puts his mind to.  He is todays Howard Hughs, hopefully without the mental illness.

For instance, unlike most of the other EV chiefs on our list Musk is largely self taught.  U Before that he

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Rigoberto Buboltz · May 17, 2021 at 3:04 pm

Elon Musk has really been tweeting about Bitcoin. He’s been tweeting about Tesla’s BTC investments. I need to jump on Coinbase and check everything out. I really wish Musk would stop messing with the market.

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