There has been so much pointless coronavirus finger pointing between China and the US in recent weeks that there has not been a substantive discussion about the exit strategy to this or any other pandemic.  That does not mean that serious people have not been thinking about how to get out of this and the answer now seems obvious.

The doctor (Dr David Katz) who dared to point out that there is much harm to humans (not just the economy) to shutting down the globe explains in this excellent interview that we do not need to choose between a catastrophic long term shutdown of the economy or a catastrophic loss of life; there IS a third way.  Those who are at very low risk of major problems from COVID-19 (or any future pandemic) should be allowed to return to work.  How might that be?  We don’t know because we are not collecting the information, at least not into a central repository with consistent definitions and categories.  However, in general, those who might return work in the near future are likely to include:

  • people who already had already had the virus
  • people under 50
  • people without respiratory risks like asthma or heat disease
  • people that a less likely to interact with those at high risk

Here are the graphics we used in our video:



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