Have you ever wondered why facts just don’t matter anymore?  Take a look at this chart from FiveThirtyEight.com showing public support for removing US President Trump from Office after being implicated in seriously inappropriate actions in 2019/2020.  If that isn’t enough look at our popularity charts comparing US President Trumps approval ratings to Johnson, Regan, Carter, Regan Bush, Clinton, W Bush and Obama.

timeline support for removing president trump from office after volker mulvaney taylor sondland bolton implicate himIt used to be that political parties of all stripes had a mixture of perspectives, but modern communication systems, like Twitter, Facebook and TV on demand has allowed us to easily associate with like minded individuals and force out those with differing opinions. However, there is something much deeper at play here. It turns out the tribalism is an innate part other human physche.

In his latest book Ezra Klein explains an experiment from the 1960’s that shows no matter how insignificant, unimportant or even incorrectly perceived difference between us makes us biased and hateful.

The discussion in the short video below centers on the United States, but it applies equally to all parts of the world today and we have added clippings from the UK, Canada, Africa and Europe to the video to prove that point.

Watch and learn:



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