If you want to understand why Alberta is different, just watch this video.  We have attended many similar meeting in other Provinces over the years and seldom seen such thoughtful, calm, and well argued positions by members of the general public.

If you don’t have time to watch the full 20 minute highlight reel, we urge you to watch these four excellent segments that are each about 90 seconds long:

A broad range of perspectives were presented and without exception all were respectfully listened to.  Those who wanted Alberta to leave Canadian Confederation immediately were countered by several speakers who discussed their desires to stay inside Canada with more than just platitudes.

The full unedited 110 minute video of the Alberta ‘Fair Deal Panel’ Town Hall in Airdrie is available HERE, but we cut out a few speakers who spent their two minutes on unrelated topics, the time between speakers and a few fumbles and repeats.  We believe this video accurately reflects the tone of the room, all of the positions presented and some truly valuable insights.

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LIVE STREAM: Alberta “Fair Deal Panel” Airdrie Town Hall – Partisan Issues · January 28, 2020 at 2:13 am

[…] UPDATE: Jan 28 2020 – Below is the full 110 minute event.  If you don’t have that time you can watch our 20 Minute Highlight Reel HERE. […]

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