UPDATE: Jan 28 2020 – Below is the full 110 minute event.  If you don’t have that time you can watch our 20 Minute Highlight Reel HERE.


This is the full uncut 110 minutes of Alberta “Fair Deal Panel” Airdrie Town Hall from January 27th at 6:30pm:


On Thursday, January 27th, 2020, Premier Jason Kenney’s “Fair Deal Panel” will hold a public town hall in Airdrie at the Town & Country Centre from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, to hear feedback on various ideas for how Alberta can secure a stronger and more equitable arrangement within Canada. Preston Manning, Donna Kennedy-Glans, Drew Barnes and several other prominent Albertans are serving as panel members.

The message below is from a former PC politician and while we do NOT agree with his strong binary ‘us vs them’ statements, we thought we should publish it here so you know what to expect:

As the Panel only provides you with two minutes to speak (you should come 30 minutes in advance in order to register as a speaker if possible), my recommended talking points to the Panel are as follows:

  • The status quo as it pertains to Alberta’s place within Canada is totally unacceptable and cannot continue. The Federal Government’s policies are destroying our economy.
  • The Alberta Government must secure an equitable new deal for Alberta within confederation, and simultaneously prepare the province to form a new nation in the event Ottawa refuses to agree to a new deal.

This includes Alberta implementing the initiatives being studied by the Fair Deal Panel including:

  • Withdrawing from the Canadian Pension Plan in favour of a newly established Alberta Pension Plan.
  • Establishing an Alberta provincial police force to replace the RCMP and offer our Alberta located RCMP officers an opportunity to take positions therein.
  • Having Alberta immediately begin the collection of its own provincial taxes and revenues.
  • Having Alberta represent its own interests in all international negotiations affecting our province and its industry, and to commence building bilateral ties with international trading partners.

As for the new deal Alberta must secure with Ottawa in order for it to remain within Canada, it should include the following at minimum:

  • Repealing all federal laws that regulate our provincial resources including the federally imposed carbon tax, oil tanker ban and ‘no new pipeline’ legislation.
  • Amending the constitution to end all equalization payments between provinces.
  • Altering representation in the House of Commons to be entirely proportional to the population of each province.
  • Transferring Alberta’s proportional share of all federal transfers and spending in provincial areas of jurisdiction directly to our province.
  • Establishing a national resource corridor that allows for the construction of any pipelines and other infrastructure required for the free flow of Canada’s resources and energy to the east, west and northern coasts, and to our southern border.

Again, the status quo is not an option. We expect this Government to act for Albertans first and foremost. If we can secure a new deal within confederation by implementing these initiatives, that would be ideal; however, if we cannot, this Government has the obligation to hold a referendum on exploring the option of and ultimately separating from Canada and forming our own nation with those of our neighbours willing to join us.

This effort for a New Deal or, failing that, a New Nation will only be successful if enough of us take the time to do our part. To that end, attending this event in Airdrie (or other Panel town hall event elsewhere in the Province) and delivering the above message, is one small but effective way to make a difference in this effort.


Originally scheduled for January 16th:


Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement on Febuary 16th 2020:

“I am shocked at the terribly sad news of the untimely death of my friend Jason Goodstriker. Jason was a proud member of the Kainai band of the Blackfoot people. He served as band councillor, and was elected as Alberta Regional Chief for the Assembly of First Nations,” says Kenney. “He was a passionate Albertan, serving most recently on the Fair Deal Panel. He told me that he was energized by the opportunity to listen to Albertans across the province, and to tackle important issues about Alberta’s role in Confederation.”

“Jason had a huge heart,” Kenney continues. “He brought joy everywhere he went. He was devoted to his community, and was a loving husband to Tiffany and father to their children. He was proud to work in the oil and gas industry, and to fight for Indigenous people to benefit fully from the development of our natural resources. I was proud to call Jason a friend since we attended high school together at Notre Dame College in Saskatchewan. He will be greatly missed by so many.”

It’s not known how Mr. Goodstriker died.

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