If you have been following the President Trumps Trade War with China (and to a lesser extent, Canada, Mexico and Europe) you might think it will be good for US workers in the long run.

It turns out that after nearly three years of increasingly aggressive trade sanctions that China has been hurt, but shockingly it has actually resulted in INCREASED imports to the United States on net.  Here are the facts:

  • Manufacturing companies are leaving China, but they are headed to Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico, to name but a few, not the United States
  • US tariffs on car and parts adds between $1950 and $2750 per vehicle, which most does not help the American consumer or economy
  • The 25% ‘Chicken Tax’ on all imported pickup trucks does not affect imports because only US, Canada and Mexicans’ want large pickup trucks

This 2.5 minute video edited from a 25 minute full version you can watch HERE if you wish.



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