This topic is a departure from our usual focus on politics, tech and China but we thought it made an excellent point in a funny way you would like.

As a… lets go with ‘gruff’ person myself, I sadly see tiny parts of Coleman Sweeney in me (pun intended!) and I have signed up for organ donation too.¬† Be an asshole and sign up!

In most countries you just have to fill our an organ donor card or sign the back of your license, so it is easy to do.  Below is a list of (mostly) official federal government links to donate your organs when you no longer need them and others so very desperately do.

If you need more Coleman Sweeney, you might like this followup mural video:


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Ralph C. · September 29, 2021 at 2:54 am

Give your body parts away when you no longer need them. Save a life, advance science, be useful

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