It is oft said by those who disapprove of carbon taxes that:

  1. Carbon taxes are ineffective
  2. Carbon taxes target the wrong people
  3. The Canadian Federal Government does not have right to impose a carbon tax

All three of these statements are demonstrably incorrect.

University of Ottawa Professor of Law and Economics, Stewart Elgie, explains that the dissenting judges in the Saskatchewan and Ontario carbon tax cases are not disagreeing with the principle that the Federal Government has the right to impose a carbon tax. They are simply indicating the feds need to claim that right under a different section of law.

He also explains that Ontario and Saskatchewan agreed in court that carbon taxes are both effective and the lowest cost method of reducing green house gases like CO2.

Carbon Pricing is the ‘right wing’ approach because it lets the market figure out solutions. It does not pick winners and losers as Jason Kenny, Doug Ford, Scott Moe and Andrew Scheer want to do. They are actually 100% in the traditional ‘left wing’ position of attempting to hand manipulate the free market.


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