Atlantic - Liberals Wont Enforce Borders, Facsists Will

The cover of this weeks “The Atlantic” prompts a well logic’d article by David Frum (son of Barbara Frum and former speech writer for George W Bush), in which he explains two key points:

  1. the history and intent of refugee / asylum laws
  2. voters around the globe will select near fascists as a way to protect their borders

As Mr. Frum correctly points out, the number of refugees (largely from Central America countries like Nicaragua) to the United States has actually been substantially reduced because of US economic supports which President Trump is currently trying to slash.  However, Trumps rhetoric of the matter is a never ending source of fear for the those in the ‘fly over states’ and continues to garner support with his base.


Refugees to the US - 1975 -2018

Watch this edited three minutes of a longer interview with David Frum on Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS :


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