It is understandable that people often prefer to associate with people of their own groups.  It is just easier to converse, live with and do business with people that share a similar background.  Personally, I find that boring, but understandable.

The Great Browning is the notion that over the next few hundred years the concepts of White, Black, Asian, … will all be relegated to the history books as nearly everyone’s skin will be some light shade of brown.  The fact is that whether someone likes it or not “The Great Browning” is a truly unstoppable force and here is why.

1 – Cheap Travel & Communication:

As the communication and travel become less expensive they will occur more which will naturally result in more mixed race sex.  Hence, “blacks” will become more “white”; “whites” will become more “brown” and after a century (or two), everyone (slight exaggeration) will be “brown”.

2 – Economic Expansion:

Beyond the ease of race mixing is an economic imperative.  Most “Western” domestic economies have saturated their own markets (cars, food, clothing, financial services, news outlets…) and need to expand into global markets.  That will further induce travel and communication among the various human races and that will lead to even more mix race sex a.k.a. “browning”.

3 – Population Declines:

White Supremacists say their countries should not trade with other countries or allow immigration in an effort to avoid mixing of races.  However, we need look no further than than Japan to see a large successful population drive itself into oblivion.

Japan’s official census shows that the country’s population has shrunk…. And not by an inconsiderable amount either: The 2010 census showed a population of 128,057,352, but the 2015 figure, released Friday, shows just 127,110,000.  Japan’s population had shrunk by almost 1 million people in five years.

… Japan’s birth rate has long been significantly below the 2.1 per woman that is needed to sustain growth — it currently stands at about 1.4 per woman — and the deficit isn’t made up by significant levels of immigration like it is in some other nations.   SOURCE


It is undeniable that wealthy families and nations produce fewer children and White Supremacists are usually from wealthy western countries.   This means social services (like MediCare in the US and the Canada Pension Plan in Canada) will fail because there are too many older people drawing income from too few younger tax paying workers.

The entire free market system, including the one the majority of White Nationalists live in, is based on expansion.  Without immigration, the domestic population in wealthy countries will fall and that will cause the domestic economy to collapse.

Japan cannot keep up with the growth rates seen in other advanced economies because “Japan’s demographics weaken its GDP growth…  Japan’s population is smaller than it was in 2000. In contrast, there are 16 per cent more people in the US than in 2000, 13 per cent more in the UK and 21 per cent more in Canada…  A shrinking population means a smaller domestic market with fewer people buying goods and services…  The number of enterprises shrank by 31 per cent from 2006 to 2013…  SOURCE


We Are All Going To Be Brown… Time To Get Over It:

Blocking immigration and stopping global trade is just not a practical option in the long run.  It is inevitable that wealthy western countries like the United States, France, Germany, Britain and Canada will need immigration for both their domestic populations and to sustain their economies.

May 15, 2018—If Canada were to shut its doors to immigrants completely, its labour force and economic growth would shrink significantly…  By 2034, immigration will account for 100 per cent of population growth as the number of deaths in Canada is expected to exceed births…  In a no-immigration world, 26.9 per cent of the population would be 65 and over by 2040.  SOURCE

Charlottesville White Supremacists CarExtreme Nationalists and White Supremacists are quite literally doomed as the power of physical attraction and economic necessity play out in the decades to come.

Like it or not, your great great grand children are almost certainly going to be “brown”.

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Buck B · April 4, 2021 at 4:56 pm

Asking questions are actually good thing if you are not understanding; this article presents nice understanding of how racists are going to need to get over it soon. We are all going to mix, like it or not.

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