The simple sunburst graphic below shows:

  1. how much debt Alberta has as of March 2019
  2. which political party took on that debt
  3. which countries Alberta owes money to

According to the Tax Payers Federation of Canada, Alberta is currently adding debt at a rate of $344 per second, $20K per minute, $1.25M per hour.

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Alberta Provincial Debt By Political Party and Lending Nation vc2


There is an economic argument that says borrowing money from your own citizens is much less damaging than borrowing money from ‘foreigners’ but that is a discussion for another day.

Factors to Consider Beyond these Numbers:

In fairness to the NDP:

  1. the NDP were in power but had virtually no control over the largest collapse in oil prices and Alberta economic collapse in history
  2. Some of the borrowing under the Alberta NDP tenure was done refinance debt that the previous Alberta PC Government had taken on
  3. Both parties had to deal with and pay for unexpected massive nature disasters.  The PC’s handled the burning of Slave Lake in 2011 and the NDP handled the burning of Fort McMurray in 2016

As an editorial comment we think that all readers should be reminded that it is unlikely the Alberta UCP/PC’s or any other party would not have massively increased debt during this time.  We have all of the numbers, sourced directly from the Province of Alberta in our related article: Alberta’s NDP Borrowed 2.4 Times As Much Money In Their Last 3 Years Compared to the PC’s

Alberta’s Provincial Debt Numbers So You Can Do Your Own Calculations:

Alberta Debt Table By Lending Nation and Political Party

PartyCurrencyPar Amount in Millions
PCCAD (Canada)$16,260.1
NDPAUD (Australia)$965.5
CAD (Canada)$33,214.5
CHF  (Switzerland)$325.0
EUR (Europe)$3850.0
GBP (Great Britain)$1,050.0
SEK (Sweden)$2,500.0
USD (United States)$11,752.5
ZAR (South Africa)$750.0


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