This week Tesla began importing Chinese manufactured Tesla Model Y’s with a small LFP battery and providing only a single motor (RWD) into Canada.

What makes the Chinese Model Y attractive is that it is $10,000 less expensive, than the regular extended range AWD Tesla Model Y.

We have a video review of our test drive of this Chinese Model Y that you can watch right now, and below are the differences between the two least expensive Tesla Model Y versions:

FeatureStandard Range RWDExtended AWD
Battery TypeLFP (Iron)NCA (Nickel – Cobalt)
Battery Range394 K’s (245 Miles)497 K’s (308 Miles)
Battery Normal Charge98%80%
Battery Charging in Cold TempsSlower (+5 mins to Full)Faster
Battery Charge Loss in Cold TempsBadEven Worse
Battery LifeEven LongerLong (15+ Years)
Battery Recycling When End of LifeHard – May Affect ResaleEasy
Zero to 100 Kph (60 Mph)6.9 Sec5.0 Sec
Motors1 – Rear Wheel Drive2 – All Wheel Drive
Manufactured InChinaUS


Toby Jacobs · October 30, 2023 at 5:12 pm

Your posts are always impactful and eye-opening. The comprehensive data and the way you highlight the issue is commendable. Thank you for providing such a valuable information! Keep it up. By the way I am a Senior Researcher

Mike J · February 14, 2024 at 11:26 pm

I’ve become an eager follower. The new Tesla Model 3 and model Y are interests. I applaud your dedication and hope they keep up the ace work!

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