Do you like One Peddle Driving? Most new EV drivers don’t.

One Peddle Driving takes some getting used to but once you understand that it is maximizing the return of electricity back into the battery through “regenerative braking”, they give it a shot. That recaptured power can make a real difference if you are stopping frequently, like you might in city driving.

I have owned 6 electrified vehicles (both BEV’s or PHEV’s) and all of them offered some form of regenerative braking, but Tesla is the only one that:

  1. Doesn’t let you turn off regenerative braking
  2. Has truly scary variability in the how the vehicle reacts to regenerative braking.

This has been a constant complaint and for good reason. Imagine a situation in which the amount of braking force changes… all the time… well, if the weather is cold or the battery is full. Well, that is the case with Tesla and that is extremely dangerous.

Tesla’s receive updates through your homes WiFi (so called, “over the air” updates) to not only the entertainment system but also the drive systems, about once per month. Today we found that a recent update added an important feature that mitigates the danger:


Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited is something all every Tesla driver should immediately enable.


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