If we can automate cooking, communicating, and even driving, why can’t we automate cleaning? Well, we can! There exists a whole array of great tools that can clean, brush, vacuum, and mop without you lifting a finger. Definitely, sometimes you just have to undertake a general cleaning, but in all other cases, you can entrust this unpleasant task of dirt-fighting to your robotic helpers. Below find the devices that are indispensable in any household (and one bonus item to consider).

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Definitely, you’ve heard about one. But we just cannot stop telling people to get it right away, instead of contemplating and weighing the pros and cons. Robotic vacuums of today can deal with various flooring types, including carpeting, have strong suction, navigate among obstacles and can be programmed or just work on voice command. Which one to get? The market is vast, but iRobot’s Roombas confidently hold leading positions in various ratings.

Robotic Mop

If you love real cleaning, that is, washing and wiping everything in the house thoroughly, a robotic mop is a thing for you. The device has several regimes, checks if the water will not get on furniture, and reaches into the most remote corners that need cleaning. Again, when robotic cleaning of floors is in question, iRobot offers a cool solution, in this case, Braava jet 240 robotic mop. That’s just to get you started in your search, mind you.

Window-Cleaning Robot

A device everyone should own, trust us. The robot clings to window glass automatically, without your involvement, which spares you the risk if you live in a flat on an umpteenth floor. All you have to do is spray the window, attach the robot to the glass, secure it, and let it do the rest. If the robot sprays as it travels, you’ll need to fill it with water or a glass-cleaning solution (depending on what the manual says). That’s basically it. Which gadget to choose? It depends on many factors, including the size and number of your windows, but Ecovacs Winbots tribe and Gladwell Gecko are a good place to start.

Electric Scrubber

irobot vacuum

If you don’t like to do extensive hand brushing of dirt spots and greasy surfaces (and who likes?), an electric scrubber is right for you. It’s a powerful tool with a spinning brush that makes cleaning truly faster and simpler. The device has 5 different heads for various applications, from kitchen surfaces to bath tiles. It will be a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal, and SonicScrubber is a model that you can consider if you don’t know where to start your shopping.

Portable Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpets, you have to clean them, otherwise, they become a depository of dust, dirt, and pet hair. An automatic carpet cleaner can tackle and remove nasty spots, dust, dirt, and pet hair – all without any effort on your part (except for turning it on, probably). The device can sweep, dust, and spray-clean carpets and leave them nicely clean due to a system of brushes and suction tools. Bissell SpotBot Pet (Handsfree) carpet cleaner is the device we feel safe recommending. Oh, and it can clean your upholstery as well.

Bonus Track

Or, rather, a bonus tool! Not everyone has a pet, but if you happen to be a proud pet owner, you will sing endless praises to a self-cleaning dog pad (or potty), or an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cat(s). If cats are regular users of their restrooms, then dogs usually get to go outside for a walk and for relieving themselves. Yet, smaller breeds are also happy to use indoor pads, and these devices are irreplaceable if you work long hours and your doggy needs to pee while you are away.

If we were to name one, look to Litter-Robot III (or later model) Open-Air self-cleaning litter box for cats and BrilliantPad self-cleaning indoor dog pad. The gadgets operate according to their main principle of work, separating clean litter from soiled one and making the latter ready for disposal, and replacing a wet dog pad with a fresh one. In both cases your pet automatically gets a fresh and welcoming landing ground, so to say, and you do not have to worry about the most unpleasant part of being a pet owner, that is, manual toilet cleaning.

Still not persuaded about the virtue of doing it all yourself, even with help of robotic devices? Then call a team of professional cleaners at https://mastermaid.ca/ and save your time and energy. The result of their work will surpass your expectations – and the price will also nicely surprise you.

A clean home is a healthy home!

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