Are you confused by the electric vehicle charging standards?

In this video we demonstrate:

  • 110v 15amp standard home outlet charging,
  • 220v 40amp charging and
  • 220v 50amp charging on our 2021

on our Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

Typical UsageHome OutletDryerCar Charger
Connector NameNEMA 5-15NEMA 14-50NEMA 14-50
Max Volts15240240
Max Amps154050
Max Actual Amps123240
K’s/Hour of Charge95768
Miles/Hour of Charge53440
Needs a better charger
than the Tesla Mobile
included with the car


Introduction 0:00
110v 15amp Charging 1:06
220v 40amp Charging 1:57
220v 50amp Charging 3:00
Telsa Portable Charger Limited to 40amps 3:45
Why a 40amp circuit delivers 32amps 5:05
Home EV Charger Cost – Installation 5:45
How to use Tesla Charge Stats App 6:45
Why Telsa Charge Stats prices are wrong 7:39
Outro 9:00

Tesla home charging specifications are HERE but they are clearly outdated.

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