In 2020 we recorded a video of our 2019 Tesla Model 3 allowing very loud road noise into the cabin.  In fact, on decent roads at highway speeds it often surpassed 80db which is very loud.

We sold out 2019 Tesla Model 3 SR+ and bought a 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ largely because they change the drivers and front passengers windows to a lam-glass (dual pane glass) which is supposed to keep the interior cabin much quieter.  Does it?

To put these numbers into context here is a table of comparing the inside of a Tesla Model 3 at normal highway speeds to other sound events

decible levels in a Tesla Model 3 cabin comparison

What Is New in the 2021 Tesla Model 3

2021 Tesla Model 3 Interior Changes
  • Double layered acoustic glass on the front doors to keep road noise down
  • Heat Pump replaces heater & air conditioner to improve real life range
  • New flat black center console replaces piano black high gloss which showed finger prints
  • Two cell phone wireless charge pads are integrated into all models in the center console
  • Sentinel Mode now uses integrated memory, no longer requiring USB stick from consumer
2021 Tesla Model 3 Drive Train / Exterior Changes
  • Added about 25 Kilometers to the battery range
  • All chrome replaced with blacked out trim
  • New headlights
  • New wheel caps and RIMS
  • White is now the ‘free’ color – all others cost about USD ~$1000

Whats Wrong With a 2019 Telsa Model 3 SR+


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Rob Halper · September 23, 2021 at 2:45 pm

There is way too much Tesla hype so I appreciate your honesty.

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