In this video we explain the how the global computer chip shortage will cost the auto industry $61 billion in lost sales just in 2021 and how the shortage will likely extend well into 2022.  So how did Tesla avoid the chip shortage.

It is affecting everyone from Mercedes, to GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and BMW; in short the entire automotive industry is in hell right now: 

  • GM has removed fuel monitoring systems from their pickup trucks, dropping the fuel economy by a full 1 mile per gallon.
  • Chrysler / RAM is manufacturing their pickups within infotainment systems and just stacking them up in a giant yard waiting on parts
  • Ford will lose billions of dollars in sales

It is bad out there for everyone… except Tesla.  Why is that?

We have identified five reasons Tesla has thus far not been effected by the chip shortage:

  1. Tesla did not decrease orders at the start of the pandemic
  2. Tesla has the best logistics in the business
  3. Tesla vehicles use fewer chips
  4. Telsa uses custom chip
  5. Tesla is a priority customer to the silicon chip industry 

This video the finishes with some Tesla stock price predictions and some Tesla production volume predictions from Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities and Colin Rusch from Oppenheimer.

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