The electric power grid can fail and if you have thought ahead to get cheap reliable solar power and storage at your house, you can not only keep your family safe but you can help the grid. Homes with solar panels not only lessen the load on the grid, but also SELL their surplus electricity back to the grid. Solar provides decentralized power generation which helps keep everyone safe.

During a recent winter storm it took down half of Texas power systems there was much made of a few wind turbines that failed largely because their operators did not install simple heaters or even water resistant coatings on the blades and turbine as is done by law it most jurisdictions.  It is a lot more visual, for news outlets and politicians with an axe to grind, to show wind turbines covered in ice than it is to show a natural gas power plant building that is has failed but looks the same as it always does.

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However the simple fact is that the Texas energy regulator planned for wind power to produce 7070 megawatts of power during peak times and in general MOST wind turbines did their job.  By the regulators own figures wind power produced 4400 to 8000 megawatts at different times, during the storm.  Not bad when you consider that their coal and natural gas were responsible for about 30000 lost megawatts of power.

Beyond these facts however, we heard nothing about how home solar protected thousands of people from this apocalyptic event.

As someone with solar panels I can tell you that there’s a comfort in having a secondary power source then I am responsible for making me less reliant I external power suppliers.

Take a listen to this short interview from one of the United States largest residential and commercial solar companies about how people that are more concerned with their families safety then about politics does he need to soar and his storage .



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