We call him the ‘The Wildcard’.  He was just pushed out of VW (leaving within a few months) and has an unknown future but one thing is for sure, he will be a player in the EV space.

Here is our two minute brief biography video of Thomas Ulbrich:

He went to work from VW right after receiving his engineering degree in 1992 on the Wolfsberg plant management team.  By 1996 he was head of VW logistics in China.  By 2001 he was the Technical Managing Director and spokesman for the board of a VW subsidiary inside the Wolfsberg factory, named AUTO 5000 GmbH.  That subsidiary manufactured the Tiguan using lower cost German labor from a pool of previously laid off VW workers.  In 2008 he was promoted the VW’s “Board of Management for Production” of VW’s commercial vehicles. He then moved back to China with the Shanghai-Volkswagen company where is was the VP of production and logistics.  In 2014 he returned to Germany doing roughly the same job but for the entire VW Brand.

Since 2018 he has been on VW’s E-Mobility Board which is responsible for the ID sub-brand.  VW just announced they are dissolving that board now that Ulbrich has the ID3 and ID4 are in production.

By 2025 VW is expected to produce about 1.5 million EV’s, possibly making them the largest EV manufacturer in the world and he is driving that change from the inside.  He wants EV’s to be mainstream.  VW states that they want to be the world’s largest e-mobility manufacturer and he is a very big part of that change.

His catch phrase is ‘electric cars of the for the millions, not the millionaires’



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