RJ Scaringe has been called Elon Musks nemesis, but unlike others who have had the same thing said about them, RJ might be.  He founded Rivian in 2009 and managed to keep it afloat and without a product for more than a decade.  That tells you he is connected and real.  Nikola and other hyped names may come or go, but Rivian is hear to stay.

Here is our two minute biography brief bio of RJ Scaringe:

Many analysts say that while trucks are the biggest, most profitable segment in autos today, electric trucks just won’t sell because truck buyers want the F150 or RAM they have bought over and over again for decades.  But Scaringe, who has a PH.d from MIT’s Sloan Automotive Lab, will be all alone in the EV truck segment for the next few years and thinks that most of the initial sales will come from people that want trucks but would never buy one.  Just like the Tesla Model Y did not steal many Toyota RAV4 or Buick Enclave sales.

Scaringe was initially financed by the Saudi’s as they try to diversify their economy away from oil, but he has raised $3 billion in just the last 2 years from companies like Amazon and Ford.

Rivian’s two retail trucks will be on sale in volume this year and they expect to sell 40,000 units in 2022.

Fobes said Rivians two new tucks are “adventure vehicles (that) look like the love children of Range Rovers – rugged, capable and luxurious – and are packed with the latest amenities such as internet connectivity and a host of driver-assist safety features.”

Oh, and Amazon placed a small order for 100,000 electric delivery vans, that might keep the company busy too.

Rivian is real and what RJ Scaringe thinks and does will have notable ripple effects in the EV industry for years to come.




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