Mate Rimac, is a Croatian born business magnate and entrepreneur who starting building electric supercars… wait for it… wait for it… in his garage at the age of 20 after he blew the gas engine out of a BMW 323i.  By 2011 he had 24 patents under his belt and showed his hand made EV hypercar.  In 2017 made Forbes Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 list.

Here is our two minute biography brief video of Mate Rimac:

In 2020 Motor Trend called Rimac Automobili “the Tesla of Europe“.  Famed for making ultra high performance electric supercars, his company works with and has funding from Porsche and Kia/Hyundai and well as doing EV related work with with Renault and FCA’s Aston Martin brand.

While he is often compared to Tesla’s Elon Musk, he has no plans to be a scale electric auto maker.

“…He will stay out of the mass market because he believes the automotive industry will change drastically in the future and because he does not want to compete with his growing list of global customers”.  SOURCE

He is very influential and well connected but quite humble.  In January 2020, Rimac was asked “Do you have more electrification expertise than the global automakers?” and responded “No, we are just focused on a specific area, which is high-performance powertrains. They have to worry about other things… We are not smarter.”

Through his associations with Teir 1 car companies, he is transforming his company into a Tier 1 EV parts and engineering supplier and he is only 31 years old.


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