At we don’t spend a lot of time looking at health issues, although we did just complete a fascinating article and video on lab made meat. We focus on on electric vehicles, high technology, and the energy industry, however we just watched a fascinating short interview explaining things that we had heard and read from quiet sources over the years and we thought this would be something worth amplifying that you would be interested in.

So it turns out that your mother was right sitting around doing nothing will fry your brain; this will not come as a surprise to anyone.  There’s an awful lot of money behind apps Luminosity, Obie and Elevate that are supposed keep your brain sharp and even fix your brain.  Then there is even bigger money behind a few over hyped fitness machines from Peloton and Echeolon flooding the internet and airwaves.  Then there is even more money behind the tens of thousands of local and national gyms but there isn’t much money behind common sense.

Well known doctor and TV commentator Dr Sanjay Gupta has spent the last couple of years researching and writing a book explaining well you probably already knew, deep down.  Brain health is not about superfoods and expensive bikes; it is about proper eating, basic exercise and the most importantly changing up your routines

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