We show how our Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus with the factory all season tires handles in serious snow conditions. This is in Calgary Alberta Canada a few hours after a serious snow blizzard that dumped about 25 centimeters (10 inches) overnight.

This is real world winter driving the two wheel drive, single motor Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus and found it surprisingly good.

As we say in the video, you will not get this confused with a decked out four wheel drive Jeep, but it is better than any EV we have owned… and we have owned 3 others.

Driving the Model 3 Standard Plus in snow has been good but up until now, we were not able to test Model 3 Standard Plus in deep snow. Today’s serious blizzard gave us the chance to provide Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus with the factor All Season Tires in major snow on real roads.

We would not want to take this off road or on completely unplowed streets, but for real world, driving in the city and driving on the highway AFTER a storm, the Model 3 Standard Plus with its excellent traction control really stood up well.


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