Telsa-Model-S-HearseIt should not have come as a surprise to us that several people have made snide comments about our review of General Motors new Ultium batteries but it did. So let us quickly clarify a few things.

There is no suggestion that the GM’s Ultium EV battery packs will leap frog GM or any other company into market domination.  Low cost, flexible packaged, high capacity, fast charging, EV battery packs are a necessary but NOT sufficient element for domination.  So to all the Tesla fan boys that took offense at the reporting, calm down; no one is predicting Teslas’ death.

Tesla has more going for it than just great batteries and Tesla will likely advance past GM’s latest Ultium batteries later this year… and GM knows that.

Automobile Manufactures Global Market Share by Brand in 2019The point we (and many other sites are making) is simply that Mr. Musk’s team of brilliant engineers will be periodically beaten.  We know that is a radical position to take when talking to those that don’t want to be moved off their high horse, but there it is.

We recently wrote Passive Aggressive About Tesla: What Might Go Wrong – predicting this very situation.  Tesla may well grow into a real company and compete with the big boys in high volume, BUT… and here it comes so make sure you are sitting down and have had stiff drink before continuing… Tesla will have unanticipated setbacks AND others like GM, VW and Honda will have unanticipated advances.

Tesla people should be secure enough to know that Elon is a super-genius who is living at the right place and the right time, much like Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, and his amazing companies, PayPal (… former company) Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company are highly likely to be highly successful in the future.

Telsas-Complete-Product-Line-Cybertruck-Semi-Model-S-Model-3-Model-Y-Model-X-Roadster-Solar-Batteries-1024x576So please, Tesla fans, chill it out!  There is no shame in admitting that GM beat Tesla on a critical component like EV batteries.  GM, Ford, FCA/Dodge/Ram, Honda, BMW, VW Group… also crush Tesla on production volumes and capacity but that does not diminish Tesla.

Tesla will continue to be a beacon in the industry even as other companies pick away at its clear and very impressive lead in EV’s.  Go Elon!

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