In the global competitive village of the 2020’s job seekers need to stand out from the crowd.  Beyond having the core skills and education for the a job here are the top five practical tips for job hunting that everyone

Google Yourself remove bad content1 – Google Yourself: 

Before you fill out an application or start your resume, the very first thing you need to do is search the internet for your name and previous employers.  It is a 100% guarantee that the interviewer will Google you and search your social media before they call you in for an interview.  Bad reputation or actions on the internet means you should not waist your time applying to any job.  Google has created a very short and simple page titled Manage your online reputation and it includes ways to remove unwanted content.

Example of Personal InfoGraphic2 – Create a Personal Infographic:

This one makes a lot of sense but is far from obvious.  Pictures take less effort to consume than text and will really set you apart from the competition.  Explaining your skills and or history in picture form shows creativity.  If you want to start with some good ideas like the ones to the right, just Google PERSONAL INFOGRAPHICS to get some suggestions.  You might think that creating an InfoGraphic is too hard but there are lots of free or inexpensive tools to help you:

Example of a Cover Letter3 – Include a Cover Letter With a Picture & Tweak Your Resume For Each Application: 

Employers love cover letters.  Worse, they hate resumes that don’t include a cover letter.  A short one page cover letter tailored to position you are applying for shows them you care enough to put a few minutes of research in.  EVERYTIME you apply for a job you should adjust it to fit what the employer is looking for.  Long gone are the days or building resume and printing 100 identical copies of it.  Also, after you attend a few interviews, listen to what the interviewer says about style and substance then update your resume.  In the modern digital world, editing your resume is fast and easy.  If it is worth applying for, it is worth some effort on your part.

gap analysis4 – Gap Analysis:

Consider what competitors say about your prospective employer.  If you find that they are changing business models, geographies, product lines, have a new CEO you may find that you can offer some skills that they need beyond what the job description is asking for.

Engage with Companies on Social Media5 – Engage with Companies on Social Media: 

If you are looking for anything more serious than an entry level retail position you should be ‘following’ potential employers on social media.  But did you know that employers like when you contact their other staff to inquire about the companies products and work culture.  Being careful not to turn into a creepy stalker, you may also find that you share common social interests with the company that you can expand on.  If the both you and the company support Habitat For Humanity, volunteer for a few shifts and make sure you mention it on your resume and interviews.


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Anonymous · January 14, 2020 at 5:55 pm

In our time of technologies and widespread Internet, I think the most useful point is your post is about googling yourself.

Anonymous · February 27, 2020 at 10:22 pm

The competition for job seekers is high. Technology does not stand still. Using the tips from this relevant article, you can significantly increase your chances.

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