The worlds thinkers figured out long ago that China is more likely going to grow through economics and not through aggression.  That fact does not stop world leaders, most notably Donald Trump, from vilifying the Chinese.  After all, a common enemy draws people together and has long been a path to political success.

One of the globes most respected nonpartisan organizations, RAND Corporation, recently put out paper titled Russia Is a Rogue, Not a Peer; China Is a Peer, Not a Rogue.  It contrasts China with Russia as countries nearly at the opposite ends of a the spectrum.  While Russia tries to regain form (perceived) glory by destroying alliances and economic engines, China tries to grow rich within them.

Something most Westerners do not know is that, China is the worlds second largest funder of UN Peace Keeping and has not gone to war with anyone since 1979.  That is a record no other UN Security Council member can match.

The US China Phase 1 “Trade Deal” is universally accepted as symbolic and while it does effectively put a end to escalating tensions in the short term, it does nothing to solve the real problem.  The West, including the UK, France, Germany, Canada and yes even the United States needs to figure out a way to deal with a rising China that does not involve our default tactics of economic or military hardships.




3 Comments · February 27, 2020 at 10:15 pm

It is not at all clear why developing countries cause such aggression. If a country builds its own economy, this does not mean that it is preparing for war. It is necessary to respect sovereignty and unity.

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