electric cars phev evThere are so many announcements of new electrics coming soon (like the Cadillac Escalade PHEV) and old electrics being replaced (like the Chevy Volt), we found it very difficult to get our heads around what electric vehicles were actually for sale.   So we did some research and developed this list to help us all out.

Keep in mind that the pricing does not include ‘destination’ even PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection Fee) so add $2000 to these base prices to get to a real minimum.  Also, most dealers will not carry the base model of EV or PHEV so the prices on some of these will be substantially more.

Model YearOEMModelBase Price in CDN$ EV or PHEV2 Wheel Drive or All Wheel DriveLiters /100 km EquivElectric Range in KMBattery Capacity kWhElectric Motor Power in kWLevel 2 (220v) Charging Time in Hours
2018AudiA3 Sportback e-tron $41KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD6.526802
2019Audie-tron SUV $98KAll ElectricAWD3.2329952659
2018BMW330e $52KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD7.823652
2019BMW530e $68KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD8.226832
2019BMW530e xDrive AWD $72KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD8.324832
2019BMW740Le xDrive AWD $12KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD8.823833
2018BMWi3 $52KAll Electric2WD218333.21255
2019BMWi3 $45KAll Electric2WD2.124642.21257
2018BMWi3 REx $57KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD6.81561255
2019BMWi3 REx $54KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD7.72031257
2019BMWi8 $154KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD8.7291053
2019BMWi8 Roadster $173KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD8.729963
2018BMWX5 xDrive 40e AWD $75KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD9.923833
2018CadillacCT6 PHEV $80KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD494104.5
2019ChevroletBolt EV $45KAll Electric2WD2383601509.3
2019ChevroletVolt $41KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD5.6851114.5
2019ChryslerPacifica Hybrid $52KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD851892
2018FordFocus Electric $35KAll Electric2WD2.218533.51075.5
2019FordFusion Energi $35KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD5.642682.6
2019HondaClarity PHEV $42KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD5.6771352.5
2019HyundaiIoniq Electric $38KAll Electric2WD1.720028884
2019HyundaiIoniq Electric Plus $33KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD4.547322.3
2019HyundaiKona Electric $46KAll Electric2WD2415641509
2019HyundaiSonata PHEV $45KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD645502.7
2020JaguarI-Pace $90KAll Electric2WD3.13779029413
2019KiaNiro PHEV $34KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD5.142322.25
2019KiaOptima PHEV $43KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD5.947502.7
2019KiaSoul EV $36KAll Electric2WD2.217930815
2019MercedesBenz GLC 350e 4Matic $61KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD9.321851.9
2019MiniCooper S E Countryman ALL4 $47KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD8.619653
2019MitsubishiOutlander AWD PHEV $44KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD9.235603.5
2019NissanLeaf SL Plus $47KAll Electric2WD2.23496216011
2019NissanLeaf SV $41KAll Electric2WD2.1243401108
2018PorscheCayenne S E-Hybrid $92KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD10.623713
2019PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid $117KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD10.223703
2019PorschePanamera Turbo S E-Hybrid $213KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD11.823703
2019SmartFortwo Cabriolet EQ $33KAll Electric2WD2.39217603
2019SmartFortwo Coupe EQ $30KAll Electric2WD2.29317603
2019TeslaModel 3  Long-Range  Perf $82KAll ElectricAWD24997435810
2019TeslaModel 3  Mid-Range $53KAll Electric2WD or AWD1.94256220210
2019TeslaModel S 100D $12KAll ElectricAWD2.353910038612
2019TeslaModel S 75D $11KAll ElectricAWD2.34177538612
2019TeslaModel X 75D $13KAll ElectricAWD2.53837538612
2019TeslaModel X P100D $18KAll ElectricAWD2.846510056812
2019ToyotaPrius Prime $33KPlug-In Gas Hybrid2WD or AWD4.340712
2019Volkswagene-Golf $37KAll Electric2WD2201351005.3
2019VolvoS90 T8 eAWD $75KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD8.134653
2019VolvoXC60 T8 eAWD $72KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD9.427653
2019VolvoXC90 T8 eAWD $75KPlug-In Gas HybridAWD9.227683

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Jonathan Banyim · August 10, 2021 at 9:32 am

There are fewer PHEV’s in Canada than I thought. Thanks for the list!

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