With the sad news of the Christchurch New Zealand terrorist attack being carried out by yet another White Supremacist, we had read and seen dozens of news reports with titles like: US terror attacks are increasingly motivated by right-wing views.  We started investigating this article believing the major media’s claim that that 70% of terror attacks in the United States are White Supremacist related:

Dont Be The Next CharlottesvilleOver the last decade, 71% of domestic extremist related killings in the US were linked to right-wing extremists, while Islamic extremists committed 26% of the killings. SOURCE

We compiled a list of notable terror attacks at the bottom of this article using several sources but most notably Wikipedia’s ‘Terrorism in the United States’. Because major Wikipedia topics, like US Terrorism in the United States, are so heavily scrutinized their definitions and lists are unlikely to be inaccurate for very long.

By our count 47.4% of attacks related to Muslim attackers.  That number is especially unnerving when you consider that there are only about 3.25 Million Muslims in the United States which has a total population of 327 Million people.

We thought the numbers might be skewed by severity of attacks so we ground through deaths and injured and found even ‘worse’ statistics.  68.2% of deaths and 81% of injuries from terror attacks came from Muslims.  Those numbers are skewed by the huge victim count in both the Boston Marathon bombings and the Orlando Night Club attack… but they are, none the less, still accurate.


The Muslims you work with and live next to are not your enemy.  In the United States there are more than 3 million Muslims and the list below categorizes about 25 of these into the seriously dangerous category.

PartisanIssues.com tries very hard not to take a political position or to fan the flames of intolerance, by presenting facts and not opinion.  In this Trumpian world of Alternate Facts and lies being presented as facts, we need to expose and consider the real numbers.

However unpleasant these facts may be, they are the facts.  You can look up each of these attacks on the FBI, Wikipedia, and the Global Terrorism Database or you can use Google .

Followup Article:

As an interesting followup to this article, see our article: The Great Browning: Why White Supremacists Are Doomed

Editorial Note:

Twitter Haters

On a personal note, PartisanIssues.com staff are deeply saddened by the pointless murders in Christchurch New Zealand.  Historically we have (correctly) seen these types of attacks result in increased support for Muslims from both local communities and governments.

While it is clearly anecdotal, the author knows half a dozen people today who are Muslim and would trust each one of them with his bank PIN number or ask them to babysit my kids.  These are all good, hard working, people.  In fact, the author has only EVER personally met one Muslim person who they felt was even capable of serious violence.

PartisanIssues.com stands united with people of all faiths, colours, race, creeds.  We all need to get along on this small blue marble floating through space.

If you find a meaningful mistake in this article, or anywhere on this site for that matter, please let us know and we will correct it.

List of US Terror Attacks Between March 2009 and March 2019

DateTypeDead InjuredStateCityName of Primary Attacker
25-May-09Bombing00New YorkNew York CityKyle Shaw
31-May-09Assassination, shooting10KansasWitchitaScott Roeder
01-Jun-09Shooting11ArkansasLittle RockAbdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad
01-Jun-09Shooting11D.C.WashingtonJames Wenneker von Brunn
05-Nov-09Shooting1332TexasKilleenNidal Malik Hasan
25-Dec-09Bombing02MichiganDetroitUmar Farouk Abdulmutallab
18-Feb-10Suicide attack113TexasAustinJoe Stack
04-Mar-10Shooting02VirginiaArlington CountyJohn Patrick Bedell
01-May-10Bombing00New YorkNew York CityFaisal Shahzad
20-May-10Shooting22ArkansasWest MemphisJerry and Joseph Kane
01-Sep-10Hostage taking00MarylandSilver SpringJames J. Lee
Oct-10Bombing00VirginiaVirginiaFarooque Ahmed
29-Oct-10Bombing00IllinoisChicagoal-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
Oct 17-Nov 2, 2010Bombing & Shooting00VirginiaVirginiaYonathan Melaku
25-Nov-10Bombing00OregonPortlandMohamed Osman Mohamud
17-Jan-11Attempted Bombing00WashingtonSpokaneKevin William Harpham
25-May-11Bombing00KentuckyBowling GreenMohanad Shareef Hammadi & Waad Ramadan Alwan
05-Aug-12Shooting64WisconsinWisconsin Oak CreekWade Page
15-Aug-12Shooting01D.C.WashingtonFloyd Lee Corkins II
Feb 3–12, 2013Shootings46CaliforniaCaliforniaChris Dorner
15-Apr-13Bombings, shootout5280MassachusettsBostonDzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev
16-Apr-13Bioterrorism00D.C.WashingtonEvertt Dutschke
01-Nov-13Shooting16CaliforniaLos AngelesPaul Anthony Ciancia
13-Dec-13Bombing attempt00KansasWichitaTerry Lee Loewen
13-Apr-14Shootings30KansasOverland ParkFrazier Glenn Miller, Jr.
27-Apr-14Shootings10WashingtonSeattleAli Muhammad Brown
01-Jun-14Shootings20WashingtonSeattleAli Muhammad Brown
08-Jun-14Shooting30NevadaLas VegasJerad and Amanda Miller
25-Jun-14Shootings10New JerseyWest OrangeAli Muhammad Brown
12-Sep-14Shooting11PennsylvaniaBlooming GroveEric Frein
24-Sep-14Stabbing11OklahomaMooreAlton Alexander Nolen aka “Jah’Keem Yisrael”
23-Oct-14Melee attack03New York StateNew York CityZale Thompson
Dec-14Cyberattack00StatesUnited StatesNorth Korea
03-May-15Shooting01TexasGarlandElton Simpson, Nadir Hamid Soofi & Abdul Kareem
02-Jun-15Stabbing00MassachusettsBostonUsaama Rahim and David Wright
16-Jul-15Shootings52TennesseeChattanoogaMuhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
04-Nov-15Stabbing04CaliforniaMercedFaisal Mohammad
27-Nov-15Shooting39ColoradoColorado SpringsRobert Dear
02-Dec-15Shooting1424CaliforniaSan BernardinoRizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik
07-Jan-16Shooting01PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaEdward Archer
11-Feb-16Melee attack04OhioColumbusMohamed Barry
12-Jun-16Shooting & Hostage taking4958FloridaOrlandoOmar Mateen
07-Jul-16Shooting511TexasDallasMicah Xavier Johnson
20-Aug-16Stabbings02VirginiaRoanokeWasil Farooqui
17-Sep-16Stabbings010MinnesotaSt. CloudDahir A. Adan
Sep 17–19, 2016Bombings034NY & New JerseyNew Jersey and NY CityAhmad Khan Rahimi
28-Nov-16Vehicle attack & stabbing013OhioColumbusAbdul Razak Ali Artan
20-Mar-17Stabbing by sword10CityNew York CityJames Harris Jackson
26-May-17Stabbing21OregonPortlandJeremy Joseph Christian
14-Jun-17Shooting16VirginiaAlexandriaJames Hodgkinson
12-Aug-17Vehicle-ramming attack128VirginiaCharlottesvilleJames Alex Fields Jr.
05-Aug-17Bombing00MinnesotaBloomingtonUnknown – But attack was against Samali’s
24-Sep-17Shooting18TennesseeAntiochEmanuel Kidega Samson
31-Oct-17Vehicle-ramming attack811CityNew York CitySayfullo Saipov
16-Feb-18Assault with vehicle03OrangeNew Jersey East OrangeMarckles Alcius
Oct 22– Nov 1, 2018Bombing00United StatesSeveral citiesCesar Sayoc Jr.
27-Oct-18Shooting117PennsylvaniaPittsburghRobert Gregory Bowers



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