UPDATE Jan 4 2020 – “Cultured Chicken” is now available in Singapore with Government approval and at competitive prices.

Click here for the updated video and article “No Chickens Were Harmed In The Making of This Nugget: Cultured Chicken is Here”

While governments around the world grapple with Genetically Modified Products (GMO’s) like wheat and canola, there is a new issue they will have to address shortly: man made meat.

This video explains that Israels “Super Meat” just raised millions of dollars to COMPLETE their lab produced chicken product.  Man made chicken will be available for sale in two or three years to specialty markets and will almost certainly be in your grocery store within a decade.

THIS article from 2015 explains that lab made beef has dropped in price from $300K to $11; it is happening and you will have the choice.

Governments around the world are going to be forced to bring legislation for these products, even if it is no more than that formally rule that man made meat is not classed differently than animal grown meat.

One can make the argument that we should not be playing God by ‘screwing around’ with the essence of life with GMO’s, man made meat, or stem cell research. However, the benefits of such research has thus far been undeniably positive.  The world is being fed and we have a way forward to ensure that continues largely thanks to the work in agriscience. Protracted ugly health problems like Parkinsons and limb replacements are being pioneered in the bioscience industry.

When it comes to GMO’s and man made meat, there will be many things that governments need to consider including:

  • safety: consumers will want their food inspection agencies to be aggressive with these new technologies
  • nutritional value: do man made beef and chicken provide lower fat, higher protein value that animal meat or are they garbage fillers that should be highly controlled?
  • patent terms: how long should one company be able to own the technology to what might be critical to feeding the world of say 2050?
  • environmental concerns: Man made chicken and beef could replace millions of animals saving the earth from vast amounts of nasty animal waste like phosphorus and methane
  • labeling: many consumers will demand governments pass labeling laws requiring food packages to detail the contents of lab made or lab modified ingredients


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